Sunday, December 22, 2013

Big Snow

Snow Covered Roof
Snow Covered Car

Winter has been beastly cold here in Iowa. Last night we had our first big snow. This is what I awoke to this morning, as seen from my upstairs window,  using water soluble graphite applied with a water brush.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snow Fall

I spent the day manning the desk at the White River Gallery in Montague, Michigan. It wasn't busy so I sat near the front window and did this sketch looking out and down the street. It was quite beautiful with all the snow...the first time in years we've had this much on the ground this early. So, snow fall...a Christmas portrait. Happy holidays to all.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Workshop Proposals Deadline for Urban Sketchers Symposium is December 20!

Hi Everyone!!!!

I am forwarding you the following message, posted originally by Eduardo B. in the Paraty 2014 Facebook Page.

If you could please forward it to your local group and help us encourage them to send proposals, I would really appreciate it. If there are people in your group you already know are excellent educators give them a few world of encouragement on our behalf to submit a proposal :-) 

The more the merrier! DEADLINE IS NEXT FRIDAY, DEC 20TH. 2013. Thanks!!!!!

Here is the text:


Dear sketchers!
Are you planning to apply a proposal to teach in the next symposium in Paraty, Brazil?
Take a closer look at the "Call for Submissions".

Bear in mind that there are different levels of teaching this time:

Sketching Workshops, as previous years:
3,5 hours workshops (half an hour more): wonderful opportunity to teach the best you have - I taught two different times (Santo Domingo and Barcelona), and can't express how great those experiences were to me. I learned a lot from that! 

Lead a Sketchcrawl ("Follow Me"):
This is the best way for you to earn teaching experience and share your thoughts with others. This is the highlight of the new programming, in my opinion. 
Imagine: you got selected, people will get to know what your ideas are, and then you are going to lead them across the beautiful streets of Paraty, suggesting different techniques, approaches and subjects. One turn, great experience.

Lectures, Demonstrations: 
Another good way to share what you do, the way you do, to inspire other sketchers! It can be anything interesting, so don't be shy! 

You can even come up with something new!

That is what we are trying to create in the next symposium: a vibrant and stimulating sketching environment!

USk Paraty 2014!

The deadline is December, 20.
Take a look at the form attached in the post. If you have doubts let us know.

Orling Dominguez
USk Workshop Committee
USk Symposium Committee

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Luncheon, St.Louis

Since I was alone I could hear almost every word of a nearby conversation between two business men during lunch last week. The discussion was typical; sports, something about an upcoming board of directors meeting and favorite travel destinations. While I tried not to eavesdrop I did notice a subtle back lighting effect created by the bright sunlight reflecting off the stone buildings across the street. I sketched the scene as discreetly as possible; it reminded me of an Edward Hopper painting.
The Luncheon, November 23, 2013; Michael Anderson, Brushes 3 for iPhone, Sensu Brush.
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