Thursday, March 19, 2015

It has been quite awhile since I've posted anything here.  I've been trying to do some sketching when possible over my lunch hour.  The images here were done back in December but are representative of some of the things I've done recently.  These were done in the car in a 5.5" square Handbook Journal.  A Pilot V5 precise pen works pretty well in this type of book.  The paper is actually an ivory color in this book that I have.  

A new workshop, in Lisbon for you world travelers.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

3rd Saturday Sketchcrawl

Hi KC area sketchers...I still want to try meeting at the waterfall in Crown Center, so for our regular 3rd Saturday, let's give it a go. 12:30, as usual. If it doesn't work out THIS time, I'm scratching Crown Center off our list of possibilities!

Hope you can make it!

And if not we're also doing our Virtual Sketchcrawl that day, so sketch wherever you are and share it!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Business Travel to Little Rock

Just got back from a 2.5 day meeting. With drive time that pretty much wipes out a week, but for as little as I need to do it, I don't mind. Had time to do some urban sketching, too. I packed my sketch gear and I was able to grab one night on my own. Unlike my last travel, to San Antonio, this town doesn't mind if you sit for a while. Much more convenient to sketch. Time flies too quickly, though. As soon as it was done, it was time to call it a night.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Meet the Correspondents--Cathy Johnson

Hi--I'm Cathy Johnson, usually called Kate by my friends.  I've been sketching and painting since I was a kid (a very long time ago), and I love to draw architecture, nature, name it.  I've been organizing sketchcrawls since 2006--so much fun to get out with a group of people who GET it!

I love to work in ink, watercolor, graphite, colored pencil or whatever I grab when the spirit moves.

I've written a lot of books (including Artist's Journal Workshop) and magazine articles--I'm an inveterate teacher.  I've served on the board of Urban Sketchers, and was a correspondent on the main blog for years--till I got so busy I gave up my spot to someone new.

Introduce Yourself, Please!

Hi all--it's come to my attention that the parent organization would love for blog correspondents/contributors to introduce ourselves here--then they can link to us as correspondents on the main blog.  I'll do mine in a bit.

Please put Meet the Correspondents and then your name in the subject line, and be sure to use the tags or labels so we can find you! 

If you have a photo of yourself sketching, that would be lovely, and please include a couple of your sketches!

Thanks much, all!
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