Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Introduce Yourself, Please!

Hi all--it's come to my attention that the parent organization would love for blog correspondents/contributors to introduce ourselves here--then they can link to us as correspondents on the main blog.  I'll do mine in a bit.

Please put Meet the Correspondents and then your name in the subject line, and be sure to use the tags or labels so we can find you! 

If you have a photo of yourself sketching, that would be lovely, and please include a couple of your sketches!

Thanks much, all!


  1. Hi Cathy. How do you want us to introduce ourselves? Just add a comment?


    1. Hi Mark...no, do a blog post, with photos if you have them, and some of your sketches. I should make that more clear!

  2. Thanks Kate for asking. I think that I have been looking in on your work for years now!
    My name is David DeVaul living in Seneca S.C.
    The link to most current blog is:
    Which leads into Google Plus etc.


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