Tuesday, December 11, 2012

family Christmas dinner

family Christmas dinner by vickylw
family Christmas dinner, a photo by vickylw on Flickr.

The Williamson family gets together each December for a Christmas dinner, normally at a home. This year it was Elaine's turn but her house is in a bit of chaos -- so she hosted all of us at her favorite restaurant.

It was lovely seeing everyone (we had an upstairs room all to ourselves) but Bill and I really don't like their food. The two musicians were good though.


  1. Wow, Vicki... did you sketch this up while AT the dinner, or later from memory?

  2. We got there early, so I drew a very rough sketch of the building's entrance and sign while waiting for others to arrive. The bits of the right side were drawn while sitting at one of the tables, waiting for food to arrive . . . . and later, while listening to the musicians and chatting with family.

    Later on at home, I cleaned up the sketches and added watercolor mostly from memory, though I had penciled in a few reminders of color (later erased). Family members, though thinking me a bit weird, have come to accept that I sometimes sketch while visiting with them.

  3. Very cool sketch, though...that feeds your soul!


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