Monday, June 3, 2013

Under and Over

I was in downtown Rockford, Mi this afternoon and sketched our old rail bridge. Rather than tracks, these days the old bridge hosts a section of Michigan's White Pine Trail and provides a path across the Rogue river which runs through Rockford. The White Pine Trail runs well north of Rockford and is heavily used by area cyclists, runners, and walkers. It's a great trail with wonderful scenery...some of which I've seen from the seat of my bicycle as I've pedaled along the trail. The over pass provides the main highway in and out of town. Personally I prefer the trail! Following same makes for about a 10 minute walk from downtown Rockford to our new condo.


  1. Lucky you to be so close to this greenspace/recreation area! I think this composition is so neat: the concrete overpass framing the metal bridge with the green beckoning.

    1. Marcia - I thought about you when I was working on this sketch 'cause I remembered the bridge drawing you posted last year. And yes yes the Rockford area is really neat because about any direction you go from town you're in the country in about 10 minutes.


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