Monday, July 28, 2014

Amadeus Abroad

My wife and I are just returned from spending the month of July cruising on our boat Amadeus. This is her. She's a Catalina 355...pretty close to 36 feet long. The picture was taken in Manistee, Mi close to the end of the trip. As with outings on our previous boat, the watercolors were on board. We started this year traveling from our home port Whitehall, Mi. From there we headed north along the east shore of Lake Michigan, finally arriving in Frankfort, Mi.

Frankfort was the jump point for a run across Lake Michigan to Sturgeon Bay, Wi. About 10 miles offshore from Frankfort I did this sketch of day break and the dunes and clouds off our stern.  A freighter passed behind providing a nice accent to complete the piece.

The hop from Frankfort to Sturgeon Bay is 50 miles across Lake Michigan. Takes a while to cover the distance traveling at 7 knots.
I pretty much did a sketch or two everyplace we traveled. I'll be posting those too.

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