Sunday, December 21, 2014

December Sketchcrawl was fun!

I parked myself in a comfy chair in the atrium and sketched iconic Christmas figures...nice and quiet there! This was an old Sheaffer calligraphy pen and watercolor.

The light wasn't too great, but the place was...and I love Father Christmas!

Keith was sketching the trees beyond the door...lovely pen and ink work!

Kelly liked the golf course's tree...those are golf clubs coming out the top!

Cindy chose the Parks and Rec department's lovely natural tree...

Carolyn is sketching at the water bar, where they used to serve a variety of kinds of mineral water to visitors from around the world.  We still get visitors but the waters are not currently available.

Keith moved to the other side of the bar to sketch the mugs and so forth.

Here's Cindy working away!

And here is her tree!
my last of the day, with a Pentel Pocket Brush, watercolor added later...

I set up by the door to sketch outdoors...

I love this old Art Deco building, so many fascinating nooks and crannies!

My finished sketch...that blue detail defeated me! Konrad flex pen and De Atramentis Document Brown ink.

And as always, the fun afterward, sharing a meal and our sketchbooks!

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  1. Kate, marvelous place to meet and sketch with all those lovely Christmas Trees!


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