Monday, July 20, 2015

Sunday In The Park, St. Louis

Looking North at Park Avenue & Mississippi, 07/19/2015, watercolor, Canson 140lb cp, Michael Anderson
Lafayette Park is at the center of one of the oldest and most elegant neighborhoods in the city. A broad sidewalk and an elaborate wrought iron fence surround all four sides of the park. Runners and people out walking, many with their dogs make a continuous parade. Today I was panhandled by a man needing bus fare.
 Park Avenue Sidewalk, 07/19/2015, watercolor, Canson 140lb cp, Michael Anderson
As I left Park Avenue Coffee another customer asked me about the artists in my painting group, "Is it a class? I have seen them before. It is cool they are here." Some residents now recognize our painting group and they are always welcoming. Life in the city.


  1. That top drawing is so jaunty! Your words and drawing really do capture "Life in the city".


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