Monday, August 7, 2017

Drying Out

Drying out is a sketch of a Chicago Mac racing sailboat that limped into Frankfort, Michigan and the marina we were staying at. The boat had suffered a line wrapped 'round its rudder and a furling line ripped from the mast. The damage was the result of very bad weather on Lake Michigan during the night of July 15.

The boat was parked in a slip next to us to do repairs and dry out the crew's foul weather gear. It was one of over 300 boats competing in the annual race up Lake Michigan to Mackinac Island, a distance of 333 miles. The boat was 1 of 5 that limped into Frankfort due to blown out sails, equipment damage, injuries, and illness. The boat also numbered as one of more than 100 boats that dropped from this year's race due to punishing Lake Michigan weather.

As one who periodically takes part in cross Lake Michigan races, my heart goes out to all the crews who took part in this year's Mac race. It was a tough one.


  1. Wow...glad no one was hurt seriously! This is a marvelous sketch and a wonderful record, Dave.

    1. Kate, most of the injuries we heard about were relatively minor..broken ribs, broken ankle, concussion. One trimaran (3 hulled) racer was flipped by the wind. All we're rescued. It was a really tough night for the racers.

  2. Dave, this is one of my favorite posted images thus far. I really like how you didn't try to communicate too much detail or background, yet it's very clear to me there's a narrative thread and sense of place. Totally dig it!

  3. Hi Marcia, thanks for the comments. Much appreciated.


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