Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shakespeare Statue, St. Louis

Standing at the center of Tower Grove Park in a roundabout is a monumental bronze statue of William Shakespeare by the Bavarian sculptor Ferdinand von Miller. The work, a gift of Mrs. Henry Shaw, was dedicated in 1878. I began my sketch early in the day which was good  because by late morning the park was beginning to fill up and someone parked their car right in front of me effectively blocking my view. Fortunately I was close to finish plus I had taken a reference snapshot earlier. I put the final touches on this one in my studio. 

Shakespeare Statue, Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, 08/11/13, Michael Anderson, watercolor on canson 140lb cold press, waterbrush.


  1. Shakespeare looks like he has a spring in his step! The landscape is so lush. I so admire your swirling mark making.

  2. This is beautiful, Mike...loving your watercolor technique.


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