Sunday, August 25, 2013

Urban Sketcher Donald Owen Colley in Kansas City!

Noodler's Creaper pen and Lexington Gray ink, with watercolor

Don was in Kansas City yesterday to demonstrate his use of Faber-Castell drawing tools at Artist & Craftsman Supply on SW Boulevard, and J. and I were delighted to get the chance to meet and talk to him. I was enthralled paging through his inspiring journals and loved listening to him talk to his interested audience (he is a LOT more relaxed in public than I am!), sketched him at work and shot a few photos.  Then we all went to grab a bite at Harvey's, in Union Station.

Don ate, I sketched the above, and we talked of cabbages and kings...lots of fun!

At Artist & Craftsman Supply in Kansas City.

This couple stayed for a long time, asking questions and talking...they were interesting too! 

Amazing sketches of people...

Heyyy...I've sketched this same old theatre in Kansas City...Don didn't get a chance to finish but I recognized it in a flash.


  1. Marvelous portraits!, Kate. I'm always amazed by Don's work too.

  2. Thanks, Barbara! I had no idea how engaging and interesting he would be--the conversations were almost as fascinating as his sketches!

  3. Wonderful sketches Kate! You are such an inspiration.

    My husband, step-daughter and I were very happy to see Don as well on Saturday. What a treat it was to see his beautiful journals and to see some of his techniques. I agree- the conversations were as great as seeing his sketches which is saying quite a lot!

    1. Oh good, you got to see him too! It was fun...

  4. I love his drawings, I'm thinking about getting that Faber Castell kit. The demo on You Tube gives a good introduction.

  5. Fabulous likenesses of Don. I met him at the first Symposium in Portland.

  6. Aren't you fortunate. Thank for sharing your day in photos and sketches


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