Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Urban Sketchers Midwest at Kansas City's First Friday/Hello Art event!

We had an amazing time at Kansas City's First Friday event; we were invited to share our sketchbooks and journals at Kendall King Group in KC's Crossroads Arts District.

I brought journals, art supplies, prints, giveaways, and signup sheets!  We gave away a Stillman & Birn Zeta journal and a copy of my book, Artist's Journal Workshop.

Here's Don Gore and his wonderful work--Don invited us to take part in the First Friday event and share our sketchbooks.  That's Don in the red shirt.

People were fascinated by his work!  (So was I.)

Joseph shared his sketchbooks and minded the store when I was out socializing, drooling over others' journals, and snapping photos.  In the foreground, you can see some of the simple travel kits I brought for inspiration.

Jeanette Sclar shared her incredible journals and field boxes, and encouraged people to make their own 5-minute journals.  Her station was really popular!

Holly Spencer had large prints and lots of interest in her work!

Steve Penberthy came from St. Louis to share...his tablet slide show was a brilliant idea, and showed his process from sketch to finished painting.

This is one of Steve's sketches...I wish I had gotten a photo of the finished painting as well.

Don invited other USk-Midwest artists to send some of their work if they couldn't be part of the First Friday event, and put it up on the wall with some of ours, too.  Very inspiring!

Ladies checking out my journals...

Jeanette sharing inspiration
Wish you could all have been there!  


  1. It looks like a marvelous day! Wish I could have been there-

  2. Me too, Barbara, that would have been lovely!

  3. Thanks for bringing this upbeat event to us, Cathy. I wish I could have been there, too. Thanks to you and Don and the others for representing us.

    I sent Don a stack of my Drawing the Town postcards as giveaways. I hope they got put out.

    1. I didn't see everything, Marcia, so I don't know for sure...I was pretty much in that back room! I did see your wonderful art on the wall, though!

    2. Yes, I saw my pocket-size Molekine sketch of the man sleeping on the train in Portugal--blown up bigger than life. Neat!

  4. Great to see all the photos & sketches, especially Steve Penberthy's work. We have sketched on a couple of outings in StL. What a nice event!


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