Monday, October 28, 2013


Ghosts in the Windows

The people who recently moved in across the street have seized the Halloween potential of this very old, very decrepit, charming house.
pocket-Moleskine sketch for Ghosts in the Windows

This is not the first October I've painted this house.

Gingerbread Roof and Silver Maples

Gingerbread Rooftop & Maples                         Happy Halloween everyone!!
pocket-Moleskine sketch for 
Gingerbread Roof and Silver Maples               


  1. How fun! I hope you show your new neighbors your sketches sometime.
    Love the color and light in these.

    1. I hope to catch them to show them how they inspired me. But it’s hard to intersect--they’re a group in their early 20s, renters who work at night and sleep during the day. (not the hours that I keep!)

      Thanks for the appreciative comment, Vicky.


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