Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Old Potato Barn

This was once a busy agricultural hub, selling produce on Old Missouri 210 Highway; it bustled with activity near Liberty and Missouri City.  Now new 210 has rerouted most of the traffic and the barn isn't on the way to anywhere except a city park, which is mostly used seasonally, so it's abandoned and falling in on itself.

I used to stop there frequently to buy potatoes and other produce...


  1. Cathy, I cycle past this place all the time, frequently stopping to sketch it or the surrounding area.

  2. I thought of you that day! I was sure I remembered you sketching it too...

  3. It definitely enriches our world to tell the stories of places.

  4. Kinda sad building. Too bad things have to change so much. Nice sketch, though.

  5. Love the old buildings and the shapes.

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