Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Mississippi River at Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

The weather was unusually warm today, so Roberta and I voted early and biked down the Mississsippi River Trail (MRT) to the River Heights Marina in Inver Grove Heights. We ate lunch on the deck of the Mississippi Pub  (good eats) and (of course) sketched the view. The scenery includes the marina on the near side of the river and on the far side the Northern Tier refinery. Nearly all the boats were out of the water, so Roberta and I sketched the refinery in our journals. There are a great many things to sketch in the marina and the adjoining Rock Island Swing Bridge Park, so we plan to bike there again next year.

Roberta's sketch.
My Sketch.


  1. It's great to see your sketches side by side. What a great contrast! Roberta's is water & blue sky--very serene. Ken's is fire & smoke--very industrial & noisy.

    1. Thanks,. That's why I like sketching with other artists; it's fun to see the different ways people see the same thing. I also see a difference in the way I sketch the same thing on different days. My sketches are about what I feel as much as what I see.

  2. Great sketches! Just goes to show that we don't need an artistically beautiful view to make great live sketches. I like how you tie in bike riding, too. The perfect day.


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