Monday, October 19, 2015

Camden, Maine...Fall Colors

My wife and I are just back from a trip that took us to both Maine and Vermont. My wife went to do some shopping. I went to sketch, paint, and do photography.

Camden, Maine, our base during our time in Maine, is a beautiful and quaint town. The village is home to a large fleet of schooners that, during the summer months, take travelers aboard to visit and enjoy the surrounding Maine landscape and islands by sail. By mid October many of the boats that populate Camden's harbor have been pulled for the winter. That said, while there, Camden's harbor remained busy with boats coming and going and tourists crowding the town's shops and restaurants. Then too, Camden, and the surrounding area was blooming into a palette of full fall color. This piece was done on a chilly morning and depicts Camden's crowded and busy inner harbor.


  1. Love the detail and color! How did you get such a fine ink line? Dip nibs?

    1. John...most of the drawing is done with Pigma Micron 005 pens. I also use the Micron 01 pen for heavier lines. The pen's inks are waterproof.

  2. WONDERFUL color, atmospheric...


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