Sunday, October 18, 2015


Last Thursday I had a meeting in downtown KC, and on my way back I stopped at the "Artist's and Craftsman's Supply" on Southwest Boulevard and discovered a great new paper. Shizen watercolor paper. A local company named "Shizen Design" makes it, or has it made to their specifications, in India. At any rate, I recommend that you give it a's wonderful. Here's their website:

This painting was done on my new Shizen paper - a small 8" by 8" piece with deckle edges. I approached this painting with some specific goals in mind.
#1: I wanted to keep a very limited palette to help maintain a definitive mood. So, I stuck with ultramarine, a little cobalt blue, raw sienna, burnt sienna and some gamboge.
#2: I wanted to keep all washes/colors fresh, so I made sure the previous wash was dry before applying the next layer. I think there's maybe 4 total washes.
#3: I wanted to create a more dynamic composition than what I found in nature. In order to achieve this, I extended the buildings on the right and left sides up to the top of the paper to frame the higher key center. I also added a darker wash to the upper portion of the sky to help create a value contrast with the central area and the bright yellow tree.

I'm pleased with the outcome, and look forward to my next painting on Shizen paper.


  1. What a gem, David! The painting speaks for itself, but I did like hearing your process, too. I'm going to check out this paper. I would appreciate you (and our other Midwest Correspondents) starting out the body of a post with a byline (i.e. By David Tierney-Kanning or By David Tierney-Kanning, Kansas City, Missouri).


  2. I agree with Marcia on identification of the artist. I am new to the group, and would appreciate all the information I can get! Thank you.
    Artists and Craftsman Supply is a dandy art supply shop. Always nice helpful folks too.


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