Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dairy Queen with ink and more

By Marcia Milner-Brage, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Dairy Queen Inside

The DQ on 18th Street here in Cedar Falls, Iowa, has been on my to-draw list for a couple years. It looks like a red barn you'd see in the Iowa countryside. The large oak tree behind it was always a big part of my attraction to this place. I sat in the parking lot, working from the passenger seat of the car. It's been unseasonably warm this fall. I had the windows down. The grass is still green, yet the trees are starting to change.

I'm participating in the #inktober drawing challenge--an ink drawing a day for the whole month. This was Day 6. Here's what the drawing looked like when it was more just ink:

DQ as ink drawing


  1. I definitely like your style Marcia and your american illustrations.

    1. Soft-serve ice cream shops are a real part of the American scene. Dairy Queens and their like are found in small towns and big cities in every region. Thanks Sophie!

  2. Nice capture of a local institution! This is a traditional store for Wilma and I from our dating days to the present.

  3. Marcia, my best friends dad owns that dairy and he passed away last year. How can I purchase this beautiful piece for her?


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