Thursday, January 14, 2016

a barn raising in Round Top, TX

The weather around here has been a bit gloomy lately, lots of clouds and a bit of rain. So when Tuesday turned out to be full of sunshine we went for a drive. Ended up in Round Top, TX where we parked in the sun as I drew a work crew raising a barn and windmill.


  1. Timeless! At first I thought you were sketching this from an old photo. Looks like time doesn't change some processes. A rancher still needs a barn and water source today just as they did more than a century ago.

  2. We were sitting in our truck, parked across the dirt lane as I sketched. These old-style barns have so much more character than newer metal structures!
    Considering the location, this could be used to house animals (maybe a petting zoo or pony riding?) or become another eclectic shop.

  3. John's Timeless comment resonates with me. Beautiful sketch, m

  4. Thanks, Kate and Michael!

    Old-fashioned barns are one of my favorite country things, new or ancient. It was cool to see how it goes together.


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