Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday Morning in St Paul

My favorite way to start a Saturday. Sketching with my Son with good coffee. I am using a very non waterproof and overpowering red ink here with watercolor. 

I am allowing looseness...which is harder than it sounds...yet freeing. 

I am loving this current watercolor setup. I set this up almost two years ago and have been using Jane Blumenthals "ultimate mixing palette" for Daniel Smith. 

- James Nutt


  1. James...looks like lots of fun!!!

  2. Wonderful, James! Love your sketch. (And so cool to see how big your "little one" is getting!) So what is the palette?

  3. Would love to see what your son was working on, too! Just so readers can find your reference: I think your auto-correct might have changed the author of The Ultimate Mixing Palette. The author is actually Jane Blundell.


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