Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Saturday at the Elms

As you may have seen previously, Kate got a couple of photos while I was working on this sketch. It was an absolutely beautiful day to be outside and it was great to be able to tour and sketch this historic place. For some reason the fire escape at the back of the hotel caught my eye and provided an interesting rhythm of shapes moving up the side of the building. I am humbled by the talent of this group and feel blessed to be able to show my work alongside so many gifted and talented individuals.

This sketch is the first thing I have done in several weeks. It was good to get back at it!

Hope you enjoy and thanks to Kate for making these outings possible!



  1. Fun to see the in process photo and now the finished work. I love your confident line and perspective. Elegant drawing, Don.

  2. Don, it's wonderful! I'm so glad you could join us...and I love the angularity of your fire escape.


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