Sunday, March 10, 2013

Anticipating spring at the local nursery

It's that time of year:  most of the now is melted, but the garden is too muddy to work in, so I spent a few hours inside at our local nursery with watercolors.


  1. Lovely, Jeanette! What a great pot!

    I miss our nursery...hopefully she'll open again soon, but she's seasonal--she doesn't grow plants, she buys them wholesale.

  2. Ah, your greens are so, so welcome. Mounds of snow and sleet is the view from my windows. It's hard to even imagine mud.

  3. Nice...I really like the simplicity and the very cool greens.

  4. Great range of greens! An acquaintance of mine just opened a florist shop. I can't wait to go there and sketch.


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