Monday, March 25, 2013

Urban Sketchers Midwest

LastOfTheSnowsketching at starbucksTutor Time030913_ChagrinFallsOHSketching at lulosStation village
lunch hourdeep in thoughtKansas City MOKansas City MO...snowStilwell KSKansas City MO
At ComputerLittle Place March sunset log home. scribbles from churchevening out with friendsSketching the Locals
Tapestry of Trees. Webberville MI. Before the storm. Webberville MILansing Mi. View from Panera022713_Rush_Oak051212_StarbucksonCheatnut_ChicagoVacant church. Ingham county MI

Urban Sketchers Midwest, a group on Flickr.

Exploring ways to share our Flickr group!


  1. A worthy topic: How to link more viewers to our USK Midwest site. It seems like an uphill battle. Perhaps If each of the drawings you have posted from Flickr were referenced/linked back to here, we might build more viewers, more sharing. I always try to link from my Flickr and or FaceBook to here when I post.

    I feel as though we're walled off in our region. I regularly look at USK International Blog and make comments. There is no indication that there is any reciprocity from the international correspondents (except you, Kate) or correspondents from other regional blogs. I do greatly appreciate the comments that my fellow, regular, Midwest correspondents make. But we are a small group. There doesn't seem to be much spill over from the many dedicated followers that you attract, Kate. Other than my suggestion in the 1st paragraph, I'm afraid I don't have any other constructive suggestions.
    Does anyone else have some?

  2. Thank you, Marcia! Cross-linking really is one of the best keys. I can look at the stats and see that it does create some response. I usually put a link back to this blog when I post the main USk blog, and I can tell we get a fair amount of response from that, as well. Below each of our posts here, there are links to twitter, Facebook, Google + where we can share the posts form the blog. Let's use 'em!

    I'm frustrated with the attempt to create a slideshow to our Flickr group...I've done it on other blogs, but all I got here was slideshow not found, so I deleted it again. Meh!

    As you probably know, one reason I started this blog was that I felt we were rather cut off here, too--"flyover country," I am SO SICK of that term. It's undeserved, and I plan to change it, one post at a time. :-D

    Ideas are welcome, gang!

    1. I'd like to propose to the USK Board changes to the USK Interantional Blog. I have zero clout with that entity, but since you are a board member, Kate, perhaps you might consider these as possible proposals you might get behind:

      Possibility #1: USK International Correspondents have a term (perhaps a year or two). After an International Correspondents term is up they can take their followers back to their regional blog (which might increase traffic to the regionals). Perhaps on the USK International Blog there could be side banner of links to former International Correspondents).

      Possibility #2: Every month a different regional blog is given a cameo appearance post on the USK International Blog. The moderator (you, in our case, Kate) would choose an individual or a selection of individuals' work that fulfill the USK Manifesto and reach for or match the quality of International Correspondents.

      Kate, you probably already know how these suggestions might fly with the board. But what do you think? Do any other Midwest Correspondents have thoughts or opinions?

    2. We have discussed the first possibility, though I don't really see how that gets USk-Midwest more traffic. :-D I think it's one of those issues that keep coming up, but it IS under discussion.

      I like #2, a lot...I'll ask the board how we might manage that! It would take someone to actually DO it, but that's a great idea. (We just had a full board meeting a week ago, a quarterly thing, but I can bring it up informally, and will!

  3. I'm don't think there is a single answer. We should "spray and pray"-to use an old sales prospecting term.
    1. Link flickr posts when appropriate.

    2. I don't post many sketches to FB but maybe I'll try to do that a little more and link to the blog.

    3. Maybe we should add a Pinterest "Pin It" button to the options that are listed after each post. I'm willing to start an Urban Sketching board on my Pinterest and pin new posts to it.

    I think the USk Chicago blog has the same problem.

    1. OK I've just spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out how to add the Pinterest button to my own blog. I don't have a clue –so maybe that isn't such a good idea. If someone knows how to do it I'm willing to give it another try!

    2. Yeah, I know, Barbara! Thanks for trying...if it isn't on the buttons that are offered automatically, I'm not sure how to add it. I don't Pinterest, because of copyright issues, so I'm in the dark here...

      If anyone figures it out, please let us know!

  4. Well anyway the slideshow worked today! I swear, I did the same thing yesterday...

    1. Where is the slide show?

      BTW, Kate, I really like the Link Within feature you initiated. I always enjoy seeing the random selections that are presented.

    2. It's in the sidebar at right...I put it at the bottom on one of my other blogs and it's so far down I don't think anyone ever sees it!

      And yes, I love Link Within! I see a lot of stuff I'm miss otherwise...


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