Friday, March 22, 2013

Food Co-op

We went to our first food coop meeting this was overwhelming, like a beehive, so I just sat in the corner and sketched!
This is the original sketch, done with a Micron Pigma .01...I needed more color, so I wet the page with my sprayer...

Loose, colorful washes while the paper was still wet were fun to do...

I enjoy a little spatter for color and texture...

Almost done, and back to the top!


  1. Marvelous! Love seeing your process as well as your work! It's that time of year -I did some sketching at the Good Food Festival in Chicago - will post sketches soon.

  2. Thank you, Barbara! I'll look forward to seeing your sketches, too, always a treat.

  3. Hurray for splatter!! Definitely added excitement, underscoring the "beehive" atmosphere.

  4. Thanks, Marcia! They were really astoundingly organized. Since it was our first time, I was just kind of in awe...and very glad I could sit back and sketch.

  5. Smashing. Must get one of those little sprayers - what a great addition to the kit-box!


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