Saturday, April 13, 2013

Neighborhood Improvements!

I forgot to add this last month!  Our neighbors got a new roof right between snows and rain storms, and they needed it!  A year or two ago they had a tree growing in the gutter...

Then they painted the place and got new steps--stylin'!  I love seeing our old neighborhood getting a facelift...


  1. A tree growing out of a roof! Amazing. I love seeing the workers' silhouettes against the white cold sky.

  2. Thanks, Marcia! It WAS pretty amazing, I couldn't help but cringe to think of what their upstairs must be taking every time it rained...

  3. love the sketch Kate. Unfortunately it brings back memories from a couple of weeks ago. As part of the sale of the house we had to have the upper story re-roofed. Seems it had leaks we didn't know about!

    1. Ouch, Dave! And yep, I've lived here long enough that I've had to replace the roof twice! Erg...

  4. On our list of repairs needing done this Spring... the estimate was a SHOCK for such a small house as ours.


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