Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No Gas Today

It's nice day today in Michigan...not warm but the sun's out. So I decided to escape from packing moving boxes and head down to Scotts, Michigan to sketch this old gas station. I'd seen the place before but was doing other sketches. So today was the day for the gas station. The station is long shut down and is pretty much in a state of free fall decay. The roof is broken and I'd guess it wouldn't take much encouragement to fall the rest of the way. Not today though.


  1. So glad you ran away from home, Dave! THat's a very cool image, I know of one rather similar near here. You're inspiring!

    1. Kate thanks for the kind words. it's really nice to get back outside to sketch again. Two more weeks and we load all the stuff in the moving van.

    2. Yes, it feels great! Love the colors you chose.

  2. You've certainly caught the character of the building! Nicely done!


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