Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Waiting on Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis

I haven't gotten the chance to do as much Urban Sketching lately. Today I had to wait to get an appointment and used some of the time (in between work phone calls and emails) to sketch from the great window of the Minneapolis downtown Barnes and Noble café.
This is an iPad sketch using the ArtStudio app.
As you can see, while springtime is here, so are the jackets, hoods and hats!
James Nutt, AIA


  1. James, This does not look digital. So cool! m

  2. Thanks Michael, that is one of my goals. The thing I have found is that you should almost never use a color or tool at much over 78% opacity and colors actually mix pretty well the the dot type tools and scatter. I am also loving your work. I am glad you finding a public venue for it. I haven't built that yet.

    1. James, By using lower opacity the second time you brush over an area it deepens similar to the effect of markers or watercolors. Thanks for explaining the technique & compliment. m

  3. I'm with Michael, it doesn't look digital! You're doing great stuff...

    And hey, James, Facebook and the blog ARE public! :-D

  4. I like that you've simulated toned paper. This is great, and thanks for the opacity tip.

  5. Me three...I can not believe this is digital! No matter the's awesome!


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