Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Goleta, California using fewer colors

While staying for a week in Goleta on the Central Coast of California, I decided to see how I could do just using my smaller watercolor set--12 colors versus my larger 35 color set (which I thought I couldn't do without). Here's three I did there.

Rose Beds
This was done from the 2nd floor balcony where we stayed, looking down on the backyard garden.

Coral Tree
Coral Tree
Also done from the balcony, looking across the neighbor's yard and beyond.

Coral Tree watercolor in process
In process: Zig Kure Taki set I've had for decades.
Color Chart Small Watercolor Box

Snail on Swiss Chard Leaf
Snail on Swiss Chard Leaf


  1. These turned out very pretty, sometimes less can be better.

  2. Marcia, a wonderful exercise with delightful results. 12 colors or less is my usual...sometimes only three to five!

    1. Aha! 3-5!!! A new challenge for me for the future, perhaps, Cathy. Varying 3 and varying 5, depending on the subject or season? Or the same?

  3. Congrats on a great series of colorful sketches. My field box holds 12 colors.


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