Thursday, May 16, 2013

Village Barber Shop

While on vacation I stopped in the Village Barber Shop in Estes Park, CO.  The gentleman that cut my hair has owned this shop since 1960.  He told me he started as a barber in 1957 which is the same year I was born.

Another interesting fact is that this barber is the Grandfather of a young man named Collin Klein who was a Heisman Trophy candidate this past football season.  I'm glad I stopped in and had the chance to visit with him.  Very nice man and it was almost a step back in time.  It looked as though not much has changed in the shop since it opened some 53 years ago.

Pen, ink & watercolor in a large watercolor Moleskine.


  1. A door into the past--interesting story and stellar drawing.

  2. What a wonderful record, Don! I love your drawing, as always, but what a serendipitous haircut!

  3. Very nice sketch and neat printing on the note. Bravo!


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