Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sketching Kansas City

Our May Sketchcrawl was on the grounds of the historic Elms Hotel in Excelsior Springs

The ladies in pink are bridesmaids, wrapped in towels by the pool!

As usual, I spend my time in the parking lot sketching while Joseph shops!

Nice lunch...

I'm not a shopper, so I always enjoy the chance to sketch, especially when I can find a great spot like the one in the Half Price bookstore in Kansas City.  Not only a chair to ssit in, but a table to use...

This was my bent-nib Hero pen, which makes wonderfully varied lines.


  1. Kate, Neat collection of sketchbook pages. I especially like the "May" calligraphy. It is a cool graphic element that enhances the drawings nicely. Probably not the first time that has been said. m

    1. Thanks, Michael, I have one waterbrush that really works well for calligraphy...I love the way it sweeps!


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