Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Annapolis Maryland

Never got a chance to post either of these sketches last fall due to the fact my iPad doesn't like the blog. Anyway, the first sketch was done while sitting on a street corner, just off from the city wharf, in old Annapolis. We were in Annapolis for the in-water sail boat show. I was sketching while we waited for the show to open. This is a sketch of some of the neat old houses that line the very narrow streets of the old town.

The following sketch was done while my wife was off shopping. The drawing is of the state capitol building that's located in Annapolis. Interesting, early in the nation's history, Annapolis was for a brief time capitol of the country.

Marcia...must say I was having fun when I did these, and lately, just working with pen and pencil.


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