Friday, June 5, 2015

Station Stop Whitehall Michigan

In the late 1800s Whitehall, Michigan, where we keep our boat, was a booming lumber town. There were several lumber mills and a tannery here. There was also rail service. The mills and tannery are long gone and so are the trains. The last that trains ran the rails here was 20 plus years ago. The track ran directly in back of our marina. Fortunately, the track bed route wasn't abandoned. A rails-to-trails conversion converted and paved the track bed and turned it into the Hart-Montague trail. Today bike riders, walkers, and roller skaters put the trail to great use. I've ridden the 50 mile trail end-to-end several times. The sketches provide a glimpse of what the trail looks like today.

Thanks to Mike Anderson for inspiring me to post the before (sketch) and after (ink and watercolor) of the view down the trail. That building in the distance is the old Whitehall train station. It stands today and is used by the Chamber of Commerce to provide tourists with information about the local area.

This is the drawing.

All done.


  1. Love how the overpass frames the distant building. Beautiful dappled shade. Interesting pair to illustrate process. I like this being a conversation with Mark's previous post.

  2. Dave, I think you meant to thank Mark Anderson for the inspiration for your post. The composition of the overpass sketch is intriguing especially when color is added. Terrific! m


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