Monday, June 15, 2015

Mac Racer gone Cruising

I sketched this view of Glider last week but couldn't do an upload 'cause I only had my iPad with me. Glider is a 40 footer that sits next to my boat at the marina in Whitehall, Michigan. Glider is a Cal 40. Cal 40s were designed to race from California to Hawaii in the annual Pacific Transpac race.

Glider did her share of racing, doing several Chicago to Mackinaw Island races (300 plus miles up Lake Michigan). Her current owner rescued her from a boat yard and restored her to beautiful and immaculate condition. The boat, and her owner, now spend summers cruising northern Lake Michigan with family and friends aboard. Glider still occasionally races locally. And having been passed by her on the race course, I know how fast the old gal still is. The sketch was done with pen and Prismacolor grey graded marking pens.

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