Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fly-in at the Excelsior Springs Airport

Our August sketchcrawl and my finished sketch, once I'd added notes at home...
Cute little Piper Cub

Joseph and Malinda watch take-offs and landings

Malinda sketching

Airplanes...Malinda's dad used to own one, so she really understands how they're built.

The hangar just to the right of this one is where they had a huge BBQ spread.
Work in progress...

The Fokker triplane in the background was a magnet!

My quick sketch of the was made from a kit, 3/4 size, with a VW engine!  The pilot says you have to fly it every minute...handles better on the ground than in the air...

The Red Baron takes off...
All in all, it was a great sketchcrawl, even though there were only a few of us.  The food was great, the pilots were terrific, the music was from the 40s and 50s--jitterbug, Sinatra--and we had a ball.


  1. It looks like great fun! Your sketches are fabulous. I love that yellow plane flying right out at us!

  2. Thanks, Barbara! The guy that owned it liked the sketch, too. We got lots of comments as we worked.

  3. Fun! I love the red baron. For a moment I thought it was Joseph in the cockpit, but then I realized he was not wearing his Hawaiian shirt.

  4. I was wearing a Hawaiian shirt - it's just a bit more subdued than the pilot's. :)

  5. He would have LIKED to have been in that cockpit, I think!

  6. What fun! The shapes of these small planes are so neat! Your drawings are delightful and upbeat. My son was really into airplanes and buliding flyable models when he was a teenager over a decade ago. I tagged along to many an airshow and airplane museum then. (Unfortunately, I was never one to juggle children and sketching.)

  7. Thanks, Marcia! We had fun. I'm always in awe of people who can juggle sketching and kids, it is NOT easy.

  8. Planes make for good subject matter especially these examples. It was great that you could get so close. Great narrative, snapshots and sketches!

    1. Thanks, Michael! Yes, that's what is so cool about this event--we CAN get close to the planes and chat with the pilots, who are sometimes the builders as in the case of the triplane! We had a wonderful time...and I think it shows.


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