Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vacation at a Glance

Family vacations are the highlight of my year, but I generally struggle with keeping up with both the family activities AND sketching.  This grid was my attempt to do a little of both.  Quick sketches were done in ink and then details and color were added later at leisure.  We divided our time between visiting a friend who's recently moved to the area and camping at the Lake of the Ozarks State Park.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  They have never allowed hunting there so the animals were perfectly happy to share space with us.  A family of deer trooped through each morning about 6:30, our favorite turtle came to say hello around 8am and a friendly armadillo hung out with us for over an hour!  We rode horses, went cave exploring and hiked some of the trails.  The cabins were quaint and though they didn't have running water, they DID have air conditioning.  (An extremely important detail during 100+ degree days.)  We had a fabulous time.


  1. Neat! What a great souvenir of your vacation-right down to the weather! I love the idea of the grid. I often use pre- drawn boxes to give me a quick start.

  2. Oh, the grid worked wonderfully with your time pressure! LOVE.

  3. Neat format! Rich details. Wonderful way to keep a travel sketchbook.


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