Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More from the Bean

Cloud Gate, a.k.a.  the Bean, in Millennium Park in Chicago is a go-to-place for tourists and artists alike. Watching as people experience the Bean for the first time is great. It brings out "the kid in the funhouse" in everyone. Last week I was there with the Chicago contingent of Urban Sketches and Miriam Ben from Munich. It was a great time. Thanks to Alex and Miriam for setting it up!

Our Monday sketch group was there yesterday but sadly, I couldn't make it. (Um - maybe not so sadly since it was raining all day.) I've sketched many of the features of Millennium Park but I figured I'd post sketches from a few past outings to the Bean, different size sketchbooks, different types of paper, different levels of success but always worth the trip!


  1. Cloudgate is one of the greatest sculptures of all time. Your sketch captures the piece very well. Nice!


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