Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lafayette Park, St. Louis

At the center of Lafayette Park on the city's near south side is a footbridge that crosses over a lagoon. The pond is below street level and surrounded by lush plantings that are all maintained by neighborhood locals. I have always admired the planters that serve as corner posts to the steel and concrete bridge. I am including this sketch in my upcoming show at Gateway Gallery which coincides with th St. Louis Art Fair. If you are in town for the event stop by the gallery which is just one block from the fairgrounds to say hello. I plan to be at the gallery most of the weekend and I look forward to meeting fellow USkMidwest artists, followers & friends.

Lafayette Park Planter, 2012, Michael Anderson, 9" h x 6" w, watercolor on Arches 140lb cold press.


  1. Lovely sketch, Michael--St. Louis is obviously a rich ground for inspiration for you! I'd love to see your show...

  2. Wonderful purple and green expression of an urban refuge.

  3. The light you have left there in the leaves is really nice.


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