Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sketching Like Crazy in Boonville, MO!

Loved the grain elevators between our hotel and the river...

Me, sketching!

My windowsill studio

Inspiration!  I had to cut quite a bit of growth...

Thespian Hall, the oldest theatre continuously in use this side of the Alleghenies

Another view of the industrial grain elevators by the tracks...sketched with a couple of leisurely cups of coffee.  Vintage Sheaffer pen and Lexington Gray ink.

Our hotel, the Hotel Frederick--delightfully restored!

And my quick sketch, the next morning...Hero M-86 pen and watercolor, with finishing touches with the vintage Sheaffer.
Vignetts around town...Hannah Cole was considered one of the courageous mothers of the frontier, building a fort for herself, her 9 children, and her neighbors. 

And yes, it IS that Boone family, just spelled differently...


  1. Your sketches are always so fresh! Love them.

  2. Especially love the top one with the arcing bridge and the light coming through the piers. So graceful! And then seeing the bridge over your shoulder in the photo. It's great to be taken along on one of your outings.

    1. Thank you, Marcia! It was a glorious trip, all in all. SUCH a contrast to this week...


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