Tuesday, July 16, 2013

dreaming of a new home

Bill drove down to Houston to drive me home (I flew there the first part of June). Because his time away from work was limited, we asked all our kids to drive to Brenham to meet us for lunch on Saturday, Brenham being sort of centrally located between everyone's homes. Had a blast eating at Ernie's, a downtown restaurant I found doing a Google search.  They gave us a private room and we could let the little kids run and play.
After eating, our son-in-law took us driving, looking at homes for sale in the area. Our top three favorites, located near a lake, are sketched above -- two of them are log-style cabins! We would like to find a smaller home with a large detached garage or outbuilding to turn into a woodshop for Bill when he retires later this year -- two of these had such buildings already on site.


  1. Good luck finding your perfect new home! Thanks for engaging us in your process through your drawings, Vicky.

  2. I love little places like this...beautiful pages, too!

  3. Thanks, Marcia and Kate! Not sure the "when" or "where" of all this, but journaling about it helps the uncertainties.

  4. Wonderful drawings and stories to go with them Vicky!


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