Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Urban Landscapes, St. Louis

Grand Basin, Forest Park, 07/07/2013. Sketched with Brushes3 for iPad. ...a favorite place to sketch on a summer morning before the heat and glare takeover.
After finishing the digital sketch I joined up with fellow Missouri Plein Air Painters Assoc members and sketched some trees in Forest Park, truly an urban oasis.  Urban Oasis, Forest Park, St. Louis,  07/07/2013, watercolor on Canson 140lb cold pressed. 9" x 7".


  1. I can hear the water splashing in the top one, Michael. I always enjoy your signature marks.

  2. Love the brushy textures in the watercolor...looks like a wonderful place!

    1. Thanks Kate. Although our group meets here often no one ever complains about a lack of subject matter or challenges to paint.

  3. Beautiful work on both. Such interesting contrasts in the different mediums. I like to see the uses of multiple materials, techniques, etc. Very well done!!


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