Thursday, July 25, 2013

Grand Basin, Forest Park, St. Louis

Part of the restoration of  Forest Park included stone balustrades, overlooks and bridges over the Grand Basin. I have painted each them several times in oils and watercolors. This sketch was made with Brushes for iPad using a Jot Mini stylus which is very precise allowing for small detail. Like most sketchers I obsess over my pens and brushes. Same feelings go for the stylus!
Grand Basin Bridge, Forest Park, St. Louis, 07/14/2013. Michael Anderson, sketch with Brushes for iPad.


  1. Your iPad sketches are inspiring me to give it a try. If only I could get over the tactile thing that keeps me away from it. Maybe I should experiment with a different stylus. Thanks for the info on the Jot Mini!

    1. Thanks Barbara! Tablets are the equivalent of a digital sketchbook. I appreciate your interest in the work. I just ordered a Sensu Brush. Lots of good comments about it. I will post a sketch and a review after I ger a chance to try it out. m


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