Friday, July 20, 2012

36th WW SketchCrawl - Chicago

Morning sketch. Marina Towers, IBM Building, reflection of Trump Tower in IBM Building and Wabash bridge. Note the sunny skies, crisp shadows and an overall beautiful day.

Afternoon sketch. Same Marina Towers, IBM Building, Trump Tower from a different spot as we were hiding from the storm under 55 W. Wacker building. The storm was amazing, a true flood, but we were dry and happy, and kept on sketching in the hideaway that Barbara found for us. This is how it looked.

Barbara and I grinning and happy to be sketching all day. 

USk Chicago participated as a group this time. There are more sketches and photos on our Facebook group Urban Sketchers Chicago if people are curious.


  1. I especially like the vertical spread--dynamic point of view looking up at the tall buildings while seeing under the bridge, too. Fun photo of the 2 of you! Great hats! Also that behind the 2 synchronized sketchers are 2 synchronized photo-takers!


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