Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ackland Museum Show, the Art of Urban Sketching

This is another of the sketches I did for the Ackland Museum show in Chapel Hill, North Carolina--and I WISH I'd scanned it after I added the lettering!  I forgot...

This is one of the many sketches I've done at Architectural Salvage, in Kansas City--what a treasure trove!

The show is The Art of Urban Sketching, and a bunch of us correspondents for our parent blog, Urban Sketchers, donated work to benefit the organization and the museum.  Sales will help fund symposia, workshops, and other projects that encourage the art of urban sketching!  Hope you can make it there--the show opens August 10 and promises to be an exciting peek into urban sketches across the globe.


  1. This place intrigues me. You show us such tantalizing details/vignettes. I'm wondering about what the whole is like? It seems like a lot of stuff crammed in, many layers whether one looks up down or sideways, a place where it's hard to find a path to walk through. I guess I'm thinking of some antique store/thrift stores I've been in. You obviously feel very comfortable sketching there.

  2. You've described it perfectly, Marcia--3 floors of everything you can imagine, from serene Buddhas to 19th C. toilets to a huge collection of ornate vintage doorknobs. If you're ever in the area, we'll go sketching there! Vicky Williamson, Joseph and I took Liz Steel there when she was in KC 2 years ago, and had a blast! Yes, very comfortable...the owner is delighted to have us, and I plan a sketchcrawl there at some point.


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