Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nature in Downtown Kansas City

This was my quick sketch of the wetlands demo at the Anita Gorman Discovery Center, a Missouri Department of Conservation nature center.

Interesting how the plants and gravel work to purify the water... the light was great and the table and chairs were handy, so this was a natural!  MUCH cooler was well over 100 that day.

More photos in this post, in Artist's Journal Workshop:


  1. Pockets of the natural world in the city are so special. Your drawing captures the refuge that this place offers.

  2. I love the looseness and freedom - the flow - of this sketch.

  3. Love the sketch! So sunny! Also am curious why did you hide the notes. I get it if they are too personal. But if not that, what would be other reasons?

  4. Thank you, all! It's a terrific place, and going to make a fun sketchcrawl. Alex, yep, just a bit too personal. This is also my journal, and I had already put the notes on that page when I realized I wanted to do a two-page spread at the nature center. Not one to waste good watercolor paper, I just covered them up in Photoshop.


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