Thursday, July 12, 2012

James Nutt - First Post!

Hello everyone, my name is James Nutt.  Cathy was kind enough to invite me to become one of the co-authors after getting involved with the Facebook page.  I am an architect living in Minneapolis.  I draw a lot. I draw at work, at home, and it is almost all that I did in high school.  (So much drawing didn't help my GPA, but that is what I get paid to do now).  I love this forum and I love seeing others people's work.

Most of my drawings are very small and about 35 minutes a piece.  Mostly pen and pencil, but lately a lot of IPad drawing and watercolor. Quite a few of my drawings and past drawings fit the Urban Sketchers rules. This year I gave myself a challenge to draw everyday and post. For the most part it happens and I have really enjoyed sharing and hearing the comments. I look forward to contributing on this blog seeing so much amazing work.
This sketch is from today at the Minneapolis downtown Barnes and Noble. I had the rare condition of having a couple of hours to kill between an eye appointment and the zoning board I sit on.  I did several attempts at drawing today’s farmer’s market with no success.  I decided I had broken my own cardinal rule of trying to start the day with too complex of a drawing. So I zoomed in one of the Macy’s building windows I have always loved and got a sketch I was happy with.  This drawing is approximately 5x7.


  1. Hi, James! Good to see you here! Love your sketches on FB and am looking forward to see them here on the blog. This one is wonderful, beautifully handled complexity.

  2. I can see why you were happy with it, it's wonderful! I love to see details like that. And welcome!

  3. It's good to see you here James! I've admired your sketch. for quite awhile>

  4. Welcome! I’m just getting back in the loop of the USK Midwest Blog, having just returned from the Symposium in Santo Domingo. It is and will be great to see this and future posts of your view of Minneapolis, James. South Minneapolis is my old stamping grounds: Iived there for 12 years, leaving 28 years ago.


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