Tuesday, July 24, 2012

sketching in doctors' offices

Nothing conclusive was found when I saw an ear doctor about the vertigo on Friday . . . but I had several sketching opportunities while waiting in the various rooms.

Today, I did some more medical office sketching -- this time while my mom saw her eye doctor. At first I decided to not try sketching her doctor, knowing how he is constantly moving. Then he took a phone call so I did a quick gesture sketch.

He must have eyes in the back of his head because as soon as he hung up and stood up, he turned around and asked to see my sketch.


  1. LOVE these...the doctor is perfect! I've drawn our doctors from the back, too...the only time they're still is when they're on the phone or doing some procedure.

  2. This particular doctor makes other doctors seem slow . . . but I liked how his lab coat looked with it's folds, pocket, and slit behind the pocket to reach into his trouser pocket.

  3. Nice sketches! There's something about drawing in waiting rooms and emergency rooms that keeps me centered. Hope you get to the root of your vertigo!

  4. Thanks, Barbara! The tests did not show anything, but I'm being treated for both possible causes. Not sure if it will help or not; I'm trusting God to heal me since He knows what doctors don't.


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