Monday, May 18, 2015

April's Sketchcrawl drawings

We had intended to meet up at Case Park in Kansas City, but the rain defeated's been a REALLY rainy spring in our corner of the Midwest.  So we met at the Nelson-Atkins, one of our favorite places, and enjoyed the quiet...and dry!

This young man was there sketching the whole time I drew the chimera...
I've always meant to sketch the chimera at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of art...these are Derwent Blue Grey, the one on the right wet with clear water, the other left as it was.

Of course I did my usual sketch of Quan Yin...
And one from our "virtual sketchcrawl!"
I forgot I hadn't posted these...siiiigh...I've been swamped with other stuff!


  1. Chimera in blue-grey are my favorite. Goes to show the range and elegance in the category of monochrome drawings.


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