Monday, May 25, 2015

Not in the Water Yet

This sketch was done for Saturday's virtual sketch crawl. The drawing is of boats that are stacked 'round the edges of the parking lot of our marina...Crosswinds in Whitehall, Michigan. Whitehall Landing is another marina next door.

The boats aren't quite ready to be dropped in the water for the summer. Their owners are busy, and in some cases not so busy, getting their boat ready for launch. Unfortunately, on a busy Memorial Day weekend, the boats crowd cars in competition for space. Next week more will be in the water. The cars will win their battle.


  1. I like the subject matter here Dave! The bit of wash really enhances & makes your sketch complete.

  2. Your lines have such vitality, Dave. The shapes of the boats and the shapes of the cars together are really interesting.


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