Friday, May 22, 2015

Meet the Author--Jim Butcher!

We had hoped to get to the venue in Independence, Missouri, in time for me to sketch it, as well...but the street addresses were so confusing we did well to buzz in minutes before Jim Butcher was to begin speaking.  He moves a lot, but it was an interesting challenge--and great practice!--to try to catch the man during the lively 2-hour talk.

I finally satisfied myself with drawing the audience!  At least I didn't worry about catching a likeness...and I'm always delighted with the chance to draw free models.

Our books are mostly on Kindle or borrowed from the library, so I asked him to sign my journal page!


  1. Lots of movement in your drawing considering your subjects were relatively still. Love the overlapping profiles!

  2. I kept trying to capture him, Marcia! I actually have two other pages...

  3. I always love looking at and studying your sketches.


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