Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sketches of Stockholm

Last month, August 2012, I was incredibly fortunate to spend 11 days in Stockholm, Sweden. My husband was invited to present in Stockholm University, and I tagged along with a goal to sketch. And sketch I did.

Gamla Stan, the view at Baltic sea

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities I've even seen. And Gamla Stan - the Old Town - is a mind blowing experience.

Sketching with Nina in Skeppar Olofs Gränd

Then my luck turned even brighter - I got together with Nina Johansson and we went to sketch the Old Town again. I just couldn't get enough of it. Here's Nina and I sketching in the narrow alley Skeppar Olofs Grand.

Svenska Akademien/Nobel Museet

Finished with Skeppar Olofs alley Nina and I met with Ed Harker at Stortorget, which means The Big Square. Ed is a sketcher from Bath, England. This outing turned truly international. We sat in a cafe and sketched the old Stockholm. My view was Swedish Academy and Nobel Museum - the very place where they decide who wins Nobel prizes each year since 1901.


  1. A wonderful peek at a beautiful city, Alex, thank you! What a trip...literally!

  2. I've seen them individually as you've posted to Flickr and/Facebook. They are at their best here as a group. Lucky you to have this intensive sketching time in a faraway place and then to spend time with Nina.

  3. Thanks, Kate and Marcia!

    Marcia, this Stockholm trip was planned for a long time and was the reason I couldn't go to Sto Domingo - not possible to do two international trips like that. So I tried to do as much sketching as possible. Meeting and sketching with Nina and Ed was the icing on a cake :).

  4. Great sketches & so cool to connect with other artists too!

  5. Sounds like an amazing trip! Wonderful sketches and sounds like amazing company to be sketching with. Thanks for sharing!


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